11-5-230  Recycling containers – Required.
   (a)   All private haulers collecting recyclable material within the city shall provide their recycling customers with recycling containers that are legally accessible to the private hauler for collection.
   (b)   The recycling containers required under subsection (a) of this section shall: (1) be a shade of blue; (2) be distinctive in coloration from any waste container that is provided; (3) be constructed of a rigid material; (4) be clearly identified as a recyclable material container; (5) display a written and/or pictorial list of the recyclable material that may be deposited into the container; (6) be equipped with a close-fitting lid; (7) be leak-proof and rodent-proof; (8) bear the name and contact information of the private hauler providing the recycling containers, including the private hauler's business telephone number and business address; (9) in the case of a business, bear the name of the business served by the recycling container; and (10) in the case of a residential building, bear the address served by the recycling container. If the recycling container required to be provided under this section is constructed of plastic, the container's body and lid each shall be manufactured using 25 percent post-consumer recycled material; provided, however, that this requirement shall not apply to recycling containers in existence as of the effective date of this ordinance.
(Added Coun. J. 7-20-16, p. 28694, § 1)