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13-128-070  Bond required.
   No such permit will be issued until the applicant executes and files with the commissioner of streets and sanitation a bond running to the city with good and sufficient corporate surety to be approved by the commissioner of streets and sanitation in the penal sum of $250,000.00, conditioned upon the faithful observance and performance of each condition of said permit and conditioned further to indemnify, keep and save harmless the city against all liabilities, judgments, costs, damages and expenses of every kind which may accrue against, be charged to, or be recovered from the city from, by reason of, or on account of any act or thing done, any injury received by any person or damage to any property by virtue of the authority given in such permit. Provided, however, that where the building construction at the site does not involve the use of piling, sheeting or caissons, the bond shall be in the penal sum of $50,000.00. Said bond shall remain in full force and effect during the entire life of such permit.
(Prior code § 77-1.6)