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CHAPTER 13-128
13-128-010   Temporary use of streets and alleys – Permits.
13-128-020   Occupancy limitations.
13-128-030   Extent of occupation.
13-128-040   Temporary usage – Obstructions prohibited.
13-128-050   Alley roadway to be maintained.
13-128-060   Restoration of public property upon completion of construction required.
13-128-061   Removal of traffic control device.
13-128-070   Bond required.
13-128-080   Permanent occupancy of public property.
13-128-090   Foundations.
13-128-100   Cornices, belt courses and similar projections.
13-128-110   Wheel guards.
13-128-120   Marquees and canopies.
13-128-130   Signs.
13-128-140   Sub-sidewalk space.
13-128-150   Fire escapes.
13-128-160   Zoning requirements.