General Definitions
   13.5/2-.5   Meanings of words and phrases
   13.5/2-1   Acquittal
   13.5/2-2   Act
   13.5/2-3   Another
   13.5/2-4   Conduct
   13.5/2-5   Conviction
   13.5/2-6   Dwelling
   13.5/2-9   Included offense
   13.5/2-10   Includes
   13.5/2-11   Misdemeanor
   13.5/2-12   Offenses
   13.5/2-13   Peace officers
   13.5/2-15   Person
   13.5/2-15a   Physically handicapped person
   13.5/2-16   Prosecution
   13.5/2-19   Reasonable belief
   13.5/2-20   Solicit
   13.5/2-21   State
   13.5/2-25   Village
Sex Offenses
   13.5/11-7   Adultery
   13.5/11-8   Fornication
   13.5/11-9   Public indecency
   13.5/11-14   Prostitution
   13.5/11-15   Soliciting for a prostitute
   13.5/11-17   Keeping a place of prostitution
   13.5/11-18   Patronizing a prostitute
   13.5/11-19   Pimping
Bodily Harm
   13.5/12-1   Assault
   13.5/12-3   Battery
   13.5/12-3.2   Domestic battery
   13.5/12-5   Reckless conduct
   13.5/12-10   Tattooing body of minor
Offenses Directed Against Property
   13.5/15-1   Property
   13.5/15-2   Owner
   13.5/15-3   Permanent deprivation
   13.5/15-4   Deception
   13.5/15-5   Threat
   13.5/15-6   Stolen property
   13.5/15-7   Obtain
   13.5/15-8   Obtains control
   13.5/15-9   Value
Theft and Related Offenses
   13.5/16-1   Theft
   13.5/16-2   Theft of lost or mislaid property
   13.5/16-3   Theft of labor or services or use of property
   13.5/16-3.1   False report of theft and other losses
   13.5/16-5   Theft from coin-operated machines
   13.5/16-10   Cable television service offenses
   13.5/16-11   Unauthorized use of television interception or decoding device; prima facie evidence
   13.5/16-12   Contributing to unauthorized use of television interception or decoding device; prima facie evidence
   13.5/16-13   Violation of §§ 13.5/16-10, 13.5/16-11, 13.5/16-12; treble and punitive damages; costs and fees; injunction
   13.5/17-1   Deceptive practices
   13.5/17-2   Impersonating member of police, fraternal or veteran's organization or representative of charitable organization—use of words "Channahon Police" etc.—sentence
Damage and Trespass to Property
   13.5/21-1   Criminal damage to property
   13.5/21-2   Criminal trespass to vehicles
   13.5/21-3   Criminal trespass to real property
Deadly Weapons
   13.5/24-1   Unlawful use of weapons
   13.5/24-2   Exemptions
   13.5/24-3   Unlawful sale or delivery of firearms
   13.5/24-3.1   Unlawful possession of firearms and firearm ammunition
   13.5/24-6   Confiscation and disposition of weapons
   13.5/24-7   Discharge of firearms within village limits
Disorderly Conduct
   13.5/26-1   Disorderly conduct
   13.5/26-2   Interference with emergency communication
   13.5/26-3   Use of a facsimile machine in unsolicited advertising or fund-raising
   13.5/26-4   Unauthorized video recording and live video transmission
Interference with Public Officers
   13.5/31-1   Resisting or obstructing a peace officer, firefighter or correctional institution employee
   13.5/31-3   Obstructing service of process
   13.5/35-1   Fireworks defined
   13.5/35-2   Possession, sale and use of fireworks
   13.5/35-2.1   Pyrotechnic displays or pyrotechnic service
   13.5/35-2.2   Consumer displays
   13.5/35-2.3   Consumer distributors and retailers
Litter Control Act
   13.5/105-1   Short title
   13.5/105-2   Legislative findings and determination
   13.5/105-3   Definitions
   13.5/105-4   Dumping, deposit, etc. of litter prohibited - exceptions
   13.5/105-5   Dumping, deposit, etc. from motor vehicle prohibited - deposit of garbage or refuse in receptacles along public highways
   13.5/105-6   Accumulation of litter prohibited
   13.5/105-7   Abandonment of motor vehicle - presumption
   13.5/105-8   Violations - penalty
   13.5/105-9   Presumption of violation by operator - throwing, deposit, etc., of litter from motor vehicle
   13.5/105-10   Place for public assemblage, transaction of business, etc. - placing and maintaining receptacles for litter - types of receptacles for Departments of Transportation and Conservation
   13.5/105-11   Enforcement of Act - prosecutions for violations
Sale of Immoral Publications to Children
   13.5/670-0.01   Short title
   13.5/670-1   Sale of certain publications to minors prohibited
   13.5/670-2   Exhibition prohibited
   13.5/670-3   Employing minor child to sell such publications prohibited
Use of Intoxicating Compounds
   13.5/690-0.01   Short title
   13.5/690-1   Use prohibited
   13.5/690-2   Sale or delivery prohibited
   13.5/690-3   Direction or prescription of practitioner
   13.5/690-4   Sentence
   13.5/690-4.5   Exemption
Suppression of Gang Activity
   13.5/700-1   Graffiti prohibited
   13.5/700-12   Curfew
   13.5/700-3   Parental responsibility
   13.5/700-4   Temporary questioning without arrest
   13.5/700-5   Gang signs prohibited
   13.5/700-6   Loitering for the purpose of causing street gang activity or recruitment is prohibited
   13.5/700-7   Maintaining public nuisance
   13.5/700-8   Loitering for the purpose of illegally using, possessing or selling cannabis or controlled substances
   13.5/700-9   Truancy prohibited
Sale and Possession of Smoking Materials with Respect to Minors
   13.5/705-1   Definitions
   13.5/705-2   Prohibited sales, delivery
   13.5/705-3   Warning signs
   13.5/705-4   Minimum age to sell smoking materials
   13.5/705-5   Purchase by minors prohibited
   13.5/705-6   Possession by minors prohibited
   13.5/705-7   Certain free distributions prohibited
   13.5/705-8   Vending machines; locking devices
   13.5/705-9   Responsibility for agents and employees
   13.5/705-10   Revocation of license
   13.5/705-11   Smoking materials
General Offenses
   13.5/800-1   Public place defined
   13.5/800-2   Unlawful assembly
   13.5/800-3   Public intoxication
   13.5/800-4   Police order to disperse
   13.5/800-5   Loud or unnecessary noises
   13.5/999-1   Penalty
Editor’s notes:
   The Air Rifle Act, ILCS Ch. 720, Act 535, portions of which were codified in this chapter, was repealed by P.L. 97-1108
   The Neglected Children Offense Act, ILCS Ch. 720, Act 130 (portions of which were previously codified in this chapter) was repealed by P.L. 97-1109
   The Harassing and Obscene Communications Act, Ch. 720, Act 135, portions of which were codified in this chapter, was repealed by P.L. 97-1108. New provisions concerning obscene harassing and obscene communications are codified in ILCS Ch. 720, Act 5, §§ 26.5 et seq.