The City is hereby authorized and directed to create an organization for civil preparedness, utilizing to the fullest extent the existing agencies within the City. The Manager, as executive head of the Municipal Government, shall be the Director of the civil preparedness forces of the City and shall be responsible for their organization, administration and operations. The organization shall consist of the following:
   (a)   An Office of Civil Preparedness within the executive department of the City Government and under the direction of the Manager, and such assistants and other employees as are deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the organization.
   (b)   The employees, equipment and facilities of all City departments, boards, institutions and commissions, who or which will participate in the civil preparedness activity. Duties assigned to a City department shall be the same or similar to the normal duties of the department.
   (c)   Volunteer persons and agencies offering services to, and accepted by, the City.
(Ord. 4-80. Passed 2-18-80.)