The Director of the Office of Civil Preparedness shall have the following powers and duties with regard to civil emergencies and disasters:
   (a)   During any time period when civil emergency or disaster threatens or exists in the City, and to the extent that the Director deems it necessary to act immediately, without the delay of waiting for action by the Council, to protect life, health, safety and property and to preserve critical resources and duly constituted government, the Director may promulgate such regulations as he or she deems necessary to assist such protection and preservation, including, but not limited to, the following:
      (1)   Regulations prohibiting or restricting the movement of vehicles in order to facilitate the work of civil preparedness forces or to facilitate the mass movement of persons to and from critical areas within or without the City.
      (2)   Regulations pertaining to the movement of persons to and from areas deemed to be hazardous or vulnerable to civil emergency or disaster.
      (3)   Such other regulations as the Director deems appropriate and necessary to protect life, health, safety and property and to preserve critical resources and duly constituted government.
   (b)   During the same time periods, under the same conditions and for the same purposes as are set forth in subsection (a) hereof, the Director shall have the power to:
      (1)   Direct resources to the aid of other communities, when and if required, in accordance with the statutes of the State, the ordinances of the City or mutual aid agreements entered into by the City, and request the State or any political subdivision of the State to send aid to this City in the event that the resources of this City do not appear to be adequate to cope with a civil emergency or disaster.
      (2)   Obtain vital supplies, equipment and other properties found lacking and needed for such protection or preservation and bind the City for the fair value thereof in accordance with the provisions for purchasing during times of public disaster as specified in Section 7.07 of the City Charter, which are hereby declared to include civil emergencies as defined in Section 214.01.
      (3)   Require emergency services of any City officers or employees, and if the Director deems such personnel services inadequate, he or she may require the services of such other persons as can be obtained. All such officers, employees and other persons whose services are so required shall be entitled to any and all privileges and immunities as are provided by State law, by the City Charter or by City ordinance and, upon demand, may receive appropriate compensation for their services rendered, as determined by the Council.
      (4)   Coordinate the recruitment of volunteer personnel and agencies to augment the personnel and facilities of the City for civil preparedness purposes.
      (5)   Negotiate and conclude agreements with owners or persons in control of buildings or other property for the use of such buildings or other property for civil preparedness purposes and designate suitable buildings as public shelters, in accordance with Section 7.07 of the City Charter.
      (6)   Coordinate the activity of all other public and private agencies engaged in any civil preparedness activity.
(Ord. 4-80. Passed 2-18-80.)