10-2-1: Definitions
10-2-2: Litter In Public Places
10-2-3: Placement Of Litter In Receptacles So As To Prevent Scattering
10-2-4: Sweeping Litter Into Gutters Prohibited
10-2-5: Merchants' Duty To Keep Sidewalks Free Of Litter
10-2-6: Litter Thrown By Persons In Vehicles
10-2-7: Truck Loads Causing Litter
10-2-8: Litter In Parks
10-2-9: Litter In Lakes And Fountains
10-2-10: Throwing Or Depositing Handbills In Public Places
10-2-11: Placing Handbills On Vehicles
10-2-12: Depositing Handbills On Uninhabited Or Vacant Premises
10-2-13: Prohibiting Distribution Of Handbills Where Property Posted
10-2-14: Distributing Handbills At Inhabited Private Premises
10-2-15: Dropping Litter From Aircraft
10-2-16: Posting Notices Prohibited
10-2-17: Litter On Occupied Private Property
10-2-18: Owner And Person In Control To Maintain Premises Free Of Litter
10-2-19: Litter On Vacant Lots
10-2-20: Clearing Of Litter From Private Property By City
10-2-21: Places Of Public Assemblage, Transaction Of Business; Placing And Maintaining Receptacles For Litter
10-2-22: Placement And Maintenance Of Backyard Composting Facilities And Private Property
10-2-23: Penalty