Dwelling Code
1311.01   Definitions.
1311.02   Minimum standards for sanitary equipment and facilities.
1311.03   Minimum standards for light, ventilation and heating.
1311.04   Minimum space, use and location requirements.
1311.05   Requirements for the safe and sanitary maintenance of parts  of dwellings and dwelling  units.
1311.06   Responsibilities of owners and occupants for maintaining sanitation.
1311.07   Rooming houses.
1311.08   Inspection of dwellings, dwelling units, rooming units and premises.
1311.09   Enforcement, service of  notices and orders, hearings.
1311.10   Designation of unfit dwellings and structures and legal procedure of condemnation.
1311.11   Certificate of occupancy.
1311.12   Unsafe buildings.
1311.13   Conflict of ordinances; severability.
1311.99   Penalty.