General Provisions
   52.01   Permit required for connection with water system
   52.02   Water charges; payment
   52.03   Water tap fees
   52.04   Turning water on or off
   52.05   Cutting streets for laying pipes; inspection
   52.06   Provisions for freezing temperatures
   52.07   Annexation covenant and utility contract required for utility service outside city limits
Drought Response
   52.10   Declaration of policy, purpose, and intent
   52.11   Definitions
   52.12   Drought management plan
   52.13   Pre-drought planning efforts
   52.14   Capital planning and investment for system reliability and demand forecasting
   52.15   Response to drought alert phases
   52.16   [Reserved]
   52.17   Water rates
   52.18   Rationing
   52.19   Enforcement
   52.20   Variances
   52.21   Disconnection for noncompliance
   52.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority to establish, regulate water services, see S.C. Code § 5-31-610
   Drought Response Act, see S.C. Code §§ 49-23-10 et seq.
   Unauthorized use of municipal water system, see S.C. Code §§ 5-31-1110 et seq.