General Provisions
   150.01   Ohio State Building Code and other regulations adopted
Building Permits
   150.10   Permits required
   150.11   Enforcement; compliance with city zoning and state building code
   150.12   Fee required
   150.13   False statements
   150.14   Referral to Planning Commission; public hearing
   150.15   Construction plans required
   150.16   Boundary line markers required
   150.17   Yard requirement
   150.18   Construction; time limit
Fire Limits
   150.25   Fire limits established
   150.26   Wooden buildings or structures
   150.27   Alterations and extensions
   150.28   Moving buildings
   150.29   Buildings partly within fire limits
   150.30   Exceptions to restrictions
   150.31   Violations
Unsafe or Unsanitary Buildings
   150.40   Definition
   150.41   Unsafe buildings to be made safe or abated
   150.42   Reconstruction or restoration
   150.43   Compliance
   150.50   Building Department created
   150.51   Building Inspector; powers
   150.52   Assistant Inspectors
   150.53   Rules and regulations; publication; effect of and amendment of rules
   150.54   Liability of employees
   150.55   Department records and reports
   150.56   Board of Building Code Appeals established
   150.57   Board's powers and duties
   150.58   Board's meetings and records
   150.59   Board procedure
   150.60   Right to appeal to Board
   150.61   Time, fee, and notice of appeal
   150.62   Notice of hearing; evidence
   150.63   Decisions recorded
   150.64   Decisions; variations and modifications
   150.65   Building Inspector to act on decision
   150.66   Dangerous dwellings
   150.67   Declaration of nuisance; vacation orders
   150.68   Notice served on dangerous dwelling
   150.69   Appeal from notice and orders
   150.70   Vacation and demolition for noncompliance
   150.71   Emergency vacation and demolition
   150.72   Disposition of insurance proceeds
   150.99   Penalty