General Provisions
   76.01   Prohibition against parking on highways
   76.02   Condition when motor vehicle left unattended
   76.03   Police may remove illegally parked vehicle
   76.04   Parking prohibitions
   76.05   Parking near curb; privileges for handicapped
   76.06   Registered owner prima facie liable for unlawful parking
   76.07   Maximum consecutive parking hours
   76.08   Selling, washing, or repairing vehicle upon roadway
   76.09   Bus stops and taxicab stands
   76.10   Parking in narrow streets and alleys
   76.11   Night truck parking
   76.12   Snow emergency provisions
   76.13   Loading or unloading limited in loading zones
   76.14   Parking in fire lanes
Parking Meters
   76.20   Definitions
   76.21   Meter zones; rates
   76.22   Days and hours of operation; holidays designated
   76.23   Duties of Safety-Service Director
   76.24   Purchase, installation, and maintenance of meters
   76.25   Meter dial to indicate legal or overtime parking
   76.26   Parking within marked lines of meter space
   76.27   Deposit of lawful coin and placing meter in operation required
   76.28   Owner and driver liable for overtime parking
   76.29   Illegal parking
   76.30   Issuance of tickets; information required
   76.31   Impounding for violation
   76.32   Use of funds
   76.33   Reservation of powers
   76.34   Exercise of police power
   76.99   Penalty
   Lights on parked or stopped vehicles, see § 74.11
   Parking near stopped fire apparatus, see § 72.70
Statutory reference:
   Off-street parking facilities, see R.C. §§ 717.05  et seq.