Article 1: General Provisions
   3-1   Definitions
   3-2   Applicability of state laws to custody of animals
   3-3   Injuring, poisoning or trapping animals prohibited
   3-4   Diseased animals; injured or sick animals
   3-5   Property owner may impound animal
   3-6   Noisy animals; complaint procedure for animals which disturb in violation of code
   3-7   Certain animals prohibited; animal fighting prohibited
   3-8   Keeping of wild or exotic animals
   3-9   Vaccination required; certificate of vaccination; impound fee
   3-10   Tag and collar required, removal, non-transferable, inspection, offense
   3-11   Control of animals required, at large, arrest, estrays, confinement in season
   3-12   Dog or cat running at large: owners cited
   3-13   Dogs prohibited from city park trails
   3-14   Impounded, records, disposition of animals, adoption, licensing of dogs and cats
   3-15   Redemption of impounded animals; licensing of dogs and cats
   3-16   Spaying or neutering as condition for release of dogs and cats: extension of time; spaying neutering required; sterilization agreement; deposits required: use or forfeited deposits: penalty
   3-17   Keeping of animals; mistreatment, abandonment prohibited; care; restraining of dogs prohibited; exercise area for dogs
   3-18   Removal of dog excrement
   3-19   Dead animal pickup; fees
   3-20   Penalty
   3-21   Breaking pound
   3-22   Keeping animals
   3-23 through 3-34 Reserved for future use
Article 2: Dangerous Dogs
   3-35   Definitions
   3-36   Unlawful to own dangerous dog without certificate of registration
   3-37   Unlawful for dangerous dogs to be outside proper enclosure unless muzzled and restrained
   3-38   Confiscation of dangerous dogs authorized under certain conditions; penalty
   3-39   Purpose and construction of Article 2
   3-40   Court proceeding against vicious or dangerous dogs
   3-41 through 3-55 Reserved for future use
Article 3: Rabies and Animal Bites
   3-56   Animal bites; rabies examination; quarantine
   3-57   Responsibility for cost incurred
   3-58   Killing or removing rabid animal prohibited
   3-59   Reports of bite cases; report by veterinarian
   3-60   Records
   3-61   Exemptions from article
   3-62   Interference
   3-63 through 3-77 Reserved for future use
Article 4: Licenses and Permits for Kennels, Keeping Large/Small Animals
   3-78   License required; application fee; rabies vaccination; term; sanitary conditions: exception
   3-79   Facility standards, space requirements, exceptions
   3-80   Right of entry for inspection; revocation of license, subject to review by the City Council
   3-81   Municipal pound authorized
   3-82 through 3-93 Reserved for future use
Article 5: Licensing of Dogs and Cats; Fees
   3-94   License for dogs and cats
   3-95   Terms of license; exemption
   3-96   Issuance of records
   3-97   Fastening of tags to collar or harness
   3-98   License fee; license fee in addition to other fees
   3-99   Use of revenues collected from license fees
   3-100   Transfer of cats and dogs
   3-101   Non-applicability of article
   3-102   Fee schedule
   3-103   Validity of chapter
   3-104 through 3-117 Reserved for future use