1.   Oil and gas companies, and other persons, firms and corporations not operating pursuant to a franchise granted by the municipality or not operating pursuant to a license or permit granted by the State Corporation Commission, shall secure a permit from the office of the City Clerk-Treasurer before placing, installing, laying, constructing, operating or maintaining any pipe, cable, wire, conduit or line across, over, under, along, through or upon any street, alley, public way or public place within the corporate limits of the city; said permit shall first be approved by the Mayor or Acting Mayor.
   2.   The application for the permit shall specify:
      a.   The location of the pipe, cable, wire conduit or line; and
      b.   The privileges and proposed terms which the applicant desires to secure from the city and to exercise.
   3.   If the permit is granted, the Mayor or Acting Mayor will grant it on written terms which are mutually agreeable. The Mayor or Acting Mayor may revoke said permit after adequate opportunity for a public hearing, for any of the following reasons:
      a.   Failure to abide by the terms on which the permit was granted;
      b.   Violation of state law or municipal ordinances; or
      c.   Failure to provide for the protection of the public peace, health, safety or welfare.
   4.   The applicant shall pay such fees for such permit and for its periodic renewal, as the City Council may establish by motion.
   5.   The Mayor or Acting Mayor may refuse to renew a permit.
   6.   The City Council may require an applicant to provide a bond for the protection of the city and/or the public in such sum and with such terms as said City Council deems desirable. When the City Council requires such a bond, a permit shall have no force or effect unless the required bond is also in affect.