1.   Any public utility contractor, firm or other person desiring to bore or cut into, or in any manner cross, any public street, alley, sidewalk or public ground of any sort, whether paved, graveled, bricked, blacktopped or not for any purpose whatever, shall first obtain a pavement cutting permit from the City Clerk-Treasurer to cross or open such street, alley, sidewalk or ground. (Exception to this requirement will be made only when a bona fide emergency exists. In such case, the Municipal Building Inspector or the Mayor shall be notified at the earliest practical time.)
   2.   On all-weather streets or alleys with bituminous or concrete surface, boring will be required without exception; cutting or ditching will be allowed on all streets or alleys with dirt or gravel surface. If for any reason these requirements cannot be complied with, cutting of a street will be allowed, but shall require the street surface to be replaced with a minimum of six inches of concrete, 24 inches wider than the cut or the ditch.
   3.   When any street, alley, sidewalk or public ground has been crossed for the purposes of laying gas, water or sewage pipe, or for any other purpose, the surface will be restored with similar material and workmanship to that existing in the street, alley, sidewalk or public ground before the same was torn up; all work shall be completed and re-filled to the satisfaction of the Municipal Building Inspector, or a representative, and approval issued as previously stated.
   4.   Materials used to backfill any opening in a street or alley shall be placed in lifts not to exceed ten inches, and each lift shall be tamped either mechanically or by hand to 95% compaction. Six inches of crushed aggregate base material shall be used to fill to the existing surface on all streets and alleys. Openings in concrete surfaces shall be filled with base material to within four inches of the bottom of the slab. The remaining four inches of the opening shall be filled with sand to the bottom of the concrete slab to be replaced. On major streets, the thickness of crushed aggregate base material required may vary.
   5.   In all cases where the surface of the street, alley, sidewalk or public ground is disturbed, the party so cutting into the opening shall place lights at night and maintain suitable barricades at all times to protect persons from danger.
   6.   Should any person, firm, corporation, contractor or franchise holder with the city fail to comply, said party shall be summoned before the City Council for removal of his or her license or franchise. Any person not licensed with the city who fails to comply, shall be fined and required to pay costs of repair plus labor.
   7.   The fee for such permits shall be:
Excavation in brick, asphalt or oil mat pavement or surface
$20 (minimum) plus $10 per square yard
Excavation in concrete pavement or surface
$30 (minimum) plus $15 per square yard
Excavation in untreated or unimproved street or surface
$5 (minimum) plus $1 per square yard
Modification or removal of curb or curbing