1.   Before any person shall move any house, building or heavy structure (but not including a mobile or manufactured home) on or over any non-federal or non-state roadway within or through the city, it shall first be necessary to obtain a house moving permit to do so from the office of the City Clerk-Treasurer; said permit shall first be approved by the Mayor or Acting Mayor.
   2.   The fee for a permit to move such house or structure shall be $50. In the event it is necessary to move utility lines, poles, signs or other structures to facilitate the move, the cost therefor will be paid by the applicant, in addition to the normal fee.
   3.   No permit shall be issued to any person to move a house or structure unless the person will indemnify the owners of any property (public or private, including pavement, curbs and the like) for any damage thereto resulting from the moving of any house or structure by him or her or his or her agents or employees, and hold the city harmless from liability for any such damages.
   4.   It shall be the duty of a municipal official to approve or determine the route that may be used and the potential for damages, if any, to any property; such rules and regulations as are necessary to promote an effective move and the protection of persons and property. The mover shall erect all necessary danger signals during the operation of moving.
   5.   Any person moving any house or any other structure on or over any street or alley, shall be liable (personally and upon bond) for any damage to trees, public property, persons or any matter whatsoever resulting from such moving. This shall not be construed to authorize any person to cut or trim any trees, or commit any injury to any public or private property which cannot be immediately restored to its former condition; no permit shall authorize any moving under any conditions which will promote such damage.