10.20.010   Stop signs generally
   10.20.020   Application of title
   10.20.030   Regulating stopping, standing and parking in specific places
   10.20.040   Stopping or parking in parkway
   10.20.050   Parallel parking on streets and roadways; limitations
   10.20.060   Parking for seventy-two (72) or more hours prohibited
   10.20.070   Designation and marking places for angle parking
   10.20.080   Parking adjacent to schools
   10.20.090   Parking prohibited on narrow streets
   10.20.100   Parking on hills
   10.20.110   Curb markings to indicate parking regulations
   10.20.120   Parking to display vehicle for sale
   10.20.130   Repairing, cleaning vehicle in street or city-owned off-street parking facilities
   10.20.140   Reserved
   10.20.150   Vending from nonmotorized vehicles prohibited
   10.20.160   Permit to stand vehicle transporting property for hire
   10.20.170   Revocation of permits
   10.20.180   Emergency no parking signs
   10.20.190   Display of warning devices when commercial vehicle disabled
Statutory reference:
   For state law as to power of local authorities to prohibit, and the like, parking, see Cal. Veh. Code, § 22507
   As to stopping, standing or parking generally, see Cal. Veh. Code, §§ 22500 to 22520