Whenever any provision of this code or other ordinance or resolution of this city designates and describes any street or portion thereof as a through street, or any intersection at which vehicles are required to stop at one (1) or more entrances thereto, or any railroad grade crossing at which vehicles are required to stop, the City Traffic Engineer shall erect and maintain stop signs as follows:
   A stop sign shall be erected on each street intersecting such through street or portion thereof so designated and at those entrances of other intersections where a stop is required and at any railroad grade crossing so designated. Every such sign shall conform with and shall be placed as provided in Cal. Veh. Code, § 21352. It shall be unlawful for any person operating a motor vehicle to fail to stop upon approaching any such stop sign.
('61 Code, § 14.51)  (Ord. 223, passed  - - )
Statutory reference:
   For state law description of stop signs, see Cal. Veh. Code, §§ 21400 and 21401