Every motor truck having an unladen weight of four thousand (4,000) pounds or more, and every truck tractor irrespective of weight when operated upon any street or highway during the time specified in Cal. Veh. Code § 280 shall be equipped with and carry at least two (2) flares or two (2) red lanterns, or two (2) warning lights or reflectors, which reflectors shall be of a type approved by the Department of California Highway Patrol. When any vehicle above mentioned or any trailer or semitrailer is disabled upon streets or highways outside of any business or residential district within the city and upon which street or highway there is insufficient street lighting to reveal a vehicle at a distance of two hundred (200) feet during any time mentioned in Cal. Veh. Code § 280, a warning signal of the character indicated above shall be immediately placed at a distance of approximately one hundred (100) feet in advance of, and one hundred (100) feet to the rear of such disabled vehicle, by the driver thereof. The warning signals herein mentioned shall be displayed continuously during the times mentioned in Cal. Veh. Code § 280 while such vehicle remains disabled upon such street or highway.
('61 Code, § 14.69)  (Ord. 223, passed  - - )