A.   No person shall utilize a nonmotorized cart, pushcart or wagon upon the public streets, sidewalks, alleyways, parks or public grounds to conduct the sale or offer for sale of any goods, wares, merchandise, fruits, vegetables or foodstuffs.
   B.   The vending of such goods, merchandise or food stuffs from a nonmotorized cart on public streets, sidewalks or parks may be permitted in conjunction with special activities or events for a limited time and in a limited location subject to the authorization regulation of temporary uses as set forth in this code.
   C.   Nothing herein shall prohibit the commercial or noncommercial sale or distribution of newspapers, books, handbills or other printed materials upon such public streets, sidewalks or parks in the city.
('61 Code, § 14.65)  (Ord. 814, passed  - - )