General Provisions
   51.001   Purpose
   51.002   Scope
   51.003   Definitions
   51.004   Tampering with or damaging wastewater facilities
   51.005   Tampering or interfering with water works or sewerage system
Use of Wastewater Facilities
   51.015   Depositing objectionable wastes prohibited
   51.016   Unauthorized wastewater discharges prohibited
   51.017   Privies, septic tanks, and other facilities
   51.018   Connection to sewer required; exception
   51.019   Discharge of stormwater and other unpolluted drainage
   51.020   Restricted discharges
   51.021   Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards
   51.022   Special agreements
Private Wastewater Disposal
   51.035   Private system required
   51.036   Construction permit; fee
   51.037   Design requirements
   51.038   Operating permit
   51.039   Transfer of ownership to district
   51.040   Connection to district's system when available
   51.041   Sanitary operation required
   51.042   Noninterference with additional requirements
   51.043   Exemptions
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.055   Connection permit
   51.056   Connection and installation costs
   51.057   Separate connections required for each building
   51.058   Use of existing building sewers
   51.059   Building sewer design
   51.060   Building sewer elevation
   51.061   Surface runoff and groundwater drains; connection prohibited
   51.062   Conformance to applicable codes
   51.063   Connection inspection
   51.064   Excavating guards and property restoration
   51.065   Protection of capacity; existing users
Class III—Industrial Discharges
   51.075   Water and energy conservation
   51.076   Information requirements
   51.077   Provision for monitoring
   51.078   Determination of wastewater characteristics
   51.079   Repair of damage; liability for costs
   51.090   Wastewaters containing nuisance or hazardous substances; pretreatment requirements
   51.091   Compliance with pretreatment requirements; submission of plan
   51.092   Monitoring requirements
   51.093   Effect of federal law
   51.094   Revision of pretreatment standards; application required
Charges and Fees
   51.105   Wastewater service charge; determination of system use
   51.106   Payment and use of fees and charges; delinquency
   51.107   Sewer surcharge levy
   51.108   Ridgeview/Evergreen Drive Sanitary Sewer Fee
Administration and Enforcement
   51.115   Administration by manager of district
   51.116   Right of entry for purpose of inspections; easements on private property; indemnification
   51.117   Notice of violation
   51.118   Amendments to ordinance
   51.999   Penalty