232.01   Office of Police Chief
232.02   Part-time police officers
232.03   Auxiliary police officers
232.04   Auxiliary Review Board
   Abuse of or interference with police dogs, see § 616.13
   Assisting police officers, see § 604.01
   Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, see Ch. 262
   Code Enforcement Department, see §§ 292.02, 292.03
   Duties of police officers regarding business licenses, see § 801.12
   False alarm service fees, see Ch. 1068
   Fire and Police Committee, see § 210.15
   Impersonating police officers, see § 604.03
   Reimbursement of city for emergency services, see Ch. 1066
   Resisting police officers; assisting escapes, see § 604.02
   Retirement age for members, see § 242.11
   Traffic control, see § 422.01
Editor’s note:
   An ordinance setting forth rules and regulations for the reorganization of the Police Department was passed on April 24, 1978. Copies of the ordinance, as amended, may be obtained, at cost, at the City Hall.
   Ordinance 93-52, passed September 28, 1993, approved an agreement for participation in the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System Organization (N.I.P.A.S.). Copies of the ordinance and agreement may be obtained, at cost, at the City Hall.