1223.01   Intent and purpose.
1223.02   Zoning permit required; exemptions.
1223.03   Signs prohibited.
1223.04   Measure of sign area.
1223.05   Setback requirements.
1223.06   Temporary signs.
1223.07   Maintenance.
1223.08   Off-premises signs.
1223.09   Design; wind pressure; obstructing signs prohibited.
1223.10   Signs permitted in any district requiring a zoning permit.
1223.11   Signs permitted in R-H, B-1, B-2, I-1 and I-2 Districts.
1223.12   Signs (business or advertising) permitted in B-1 Central Downtown Business District with zero building setback from the right-of-way.
1223.13   Signs permitted in residential districts.
1223.14   Advertisement signs.
1223.15   Safety/administrative review of signs.
1223.16   Appeals/fee.
Defined - see P. & Z. 1203.178
Garage sale signs - see P. & Z. 1215.12(d)
Off-street parking and loading signage - see P. & Z. 1221.04(f)