1203.178  SIGNS.
   (a)   Abandoned Sign - On Premise.  A sign which no longer correctly directs or exhorts any persons or advertises a bona fide business, lessor, owner, product or activity or product available on the premises where such sign is displayed. 
   (b)   Abandoned Sign - Off Premise.  A sign which advertises goods, products, services or facilities incorrectly or which are no longer available to the public or which directs persons to a different location where such goods, products, services or facilities are not available.
   (c)   Advertising Message.  Copy on a sign describing products or services being offered to the public.  This does not include the business name or logo. Advertising Message is to be located on an Advertising Sign or as part of a permanent Business Sign. 
   (d)   Advertisement Sign or Advertising Sign.  A surface on which is displayed an advertisement (including the sale of goods or services), directions, announcements, etc., intended for the patrons of that establishment and not meant to be seen from the roadway.  Advertisement Signs do not include the name of the business or the logo.  (They can be located in windows, as long as, it does not become a safety hazard as determined by the Zoning Administrator or Public Safety Official.) Advertising Signs are not permitted to be attached to any utility pole, tree, hedge, or fence. No Zoning Permit required. Any Advertising Sign located outside of the establishment and larger than twelve (12) square feet must obtain an annual permit for each sign. Advertising Signs may not be larger than thirty-five (35) square feet in any location.
   (e)   Animated Sign.  Any sign which includes action or motion, or the illusion of action or motion, produced by changes in illumination requiring electrical energy for its operation.
   (f)   Area of Sign.  Entire display area and all of the elements of the matter displayed, including frames, but excluding the necessary supports or uprights on which the sign may be placed. If the sign consists of more than one section or module, all areas shall be totaled.
   (g)   Attached Sign.  Any sign, i.e. Wall Sign, Projecting Sign, etc., attached to the building.
   (h)   Banner Sign.  A Temporary Sign composed of light weight material, bearing a slogan or design, either enclosed or not enclosed in a rigid frame, hung up or secured or mounted so as to allow movement of the sign caused by the movement of the atmosphere.
   (i)   Billboard.  See "Off-Premise Sign."
   (j)   Bulletin Board Sign.  A structure containing a surface upon which is displayed the name of a religious institution, school or library, auditorium, stadium, athletic field or area of similar use or the announcement of services or activities to be held therein or at some other place.
   (k)   Business Sign.  A surface on which is displayed, by any means, the name or logo of such business or commercial entity, days and hours of operation, and all graphics surrounding or integrated into such display.
   (l)   Building Sign.  Any sign attached to any part of a building, including Wall, Awning, Canopy, Window, and Projecting Signs.
   (m)   Canopy (Awning) Sign.  Any Building Sign that is painted on, or otherwise attached to, an awning, canopy, or other fabric, plastic or structural protective cover over a door, entrance or window.
   (n)   Changeable Copy Sign.  A sign of which the copy is designed to be regularly changed, either manually or by mechanical or electrical means. Billboards and other Off-Premise Signs shall not be considered a Changeable Copy Sign.
   (o)   Changeable Copy Sign (Automatic). A sign or portion thereof on which the copy changes automatically or animation is displayed through electrical or electronic means (e.g., time and temperature units and message centers). 
   (p)   Changeable Copy Sign (Manual). A sign or portion thereof on which copy is changed manually through placement of letters or symbols on a sign panel.
   (q)   Copy (Permanent and Temporary).  The wording or design on a sign surface either in permanent or removable form.
   (r)   Directive Sign.  A sign which has as its only function the direction of vehicular or pedestrian traffic upon a premises and which contains no advertising matter, other than the name or a symbol for the business, project, development or activity to which the sign relates. 
   (s)   Flashing Sign.  An Illuminated Sign on which artificial light is not maintained stationary and constant in intensity and color at all times when in use.
   (t)   Free-Standing Sign.  Any sign supported from the ground and not attached to any building. A Free-Standing Sign may be supported by a single pole, two (2) poles, a pylon or a solid base.
   (u)   Free-Standing Multi-tenant Sign.  The same as a Free-standing Sign; however, intended for shopping centers, strip malls, shopping or office complexes having at least two (2) separate establishments located on one (1) property.
   (v)   Illuminated Sign.  A sign designed to give forth any artificial light, or designed to reflect such light deriving from any source which is intended to cause such light or reflection.
   (w)   Informational/Public Information Sign.  A public sign which is designed to give general information concerning the location of places or lodging or eating, vehicle service, natural phenomena, weather, time, historic sites, areas of natural scenic beauty, outdoor recreational facilities and similar information.
   (x)   Monument-Style Sign.  A Free-Standing Sign, in which a sign is inscribed or placed upon, not exceeding six feet (6') in height.
   (y)   Multiple-Faced Sign.  A Free-Standing Business Sign with multiple faces that are joined and connected to the same base structure, i.e., gas station Canopy Sign.
   (z)   Non-Conforming Sign.  A sign which has been issued a valid Sign Permit at the time it was erected, but does not now accord or comply with the requirements of this Chapter and was made non-conforming by annexation, rezoning or ordinance amendment.
   (aa)   Off-Premise Sign ("Off-Site Sign").  A third-party sign which does not constitute advertisement or message for the primary function of the premises on which the sign is located. It is a sign that advertises goods, products, services or facilities not necessarily sold on the premises on which the sign is installed or which directs persons to a different location from where the sign is installed or independent messages. Listed below are three (3) main types:
(1)   Poster panels or bulletins normally mounted on a building wall, roof or free-standing structure with advertising copy in the form of pasted paper.
(2)   Multi-prism Signs - same as above, and alternating advertising messages on the one display area.
(3)   Painted bulletins, where the advertiser's message is painted directly on the background of a wall-mounted, roof or free-standing display area.
   (bb)   On-Premises Sign.  A sign which carries only advertisements or information strictly relating to a lawful use of the premises on which it is located, including signs or sign devices indicating the business transacted, services rendered, goods sold or produced on the premises, the name of the business and/or logo of the business. Professional Name Plates (i.e., John Smith, Attorney at Law) are excluded.
   (cc)   Pole or High Rise Sign.  Any free-standing sign or other sign supported by poles, pipes or other structural elements, which support the sign face(s) above the ground, roof, wall or other area upon which the sign is located so that the sign faces are visible from distances exceeding normally required front yard setback distances or are visible above vegetation, building, vehicles or other features existing on the ground.
   (dd)   Political Sign.  A sign advocating action on a public issue or indicating a candidate for public office.
   (ee)   Portable Sign.  An On-Premises Advertising Sign which is designed to be moved readily or is for temporary use at a location or does not have a permanent attachment to the ground surface or any structure. Business signs shall not be portable.
   (ff)   Professional Name Plate.  A sign that consists of a person's full name and any recognized professional initials, i.e., John E. Smith, M.D.; or Joan T. Hall, P.E.; or Bill Jones, Attorney at Law.
   (gg)   Projecting Sign.  A sign erected on the outside wall of a building and projecting out at a ninety degree (90º) angle therefrom. 
   (hh)   Real Estate Sign.  A sign which directs attention to promotion, development, construction, rental, sales or lease of property on which it is located. 
   (ii)   Revocable Permit.  This permit is not a property right and must be signed by the owner or responsible party wishing to construct or place any object or structure within, crossing over or touching the public right-of-way or City easement. It is a temporary authorization, revocable by the City of Bellevue or the State of Ohio with or without cause, for any object or structure placed within, crossing over or touching the public right-of-way or City easement. The removal and/or replacement and all costs associated with the removal and/or replacement of object or structure is solely the responsibility of the property owner.
   (jj)   Roof Sign.  A Business or Advertising Sign, placed anywhere and by any means on a roof or any part thereof. Roof Signs are prohibited in all areas within the City Limits.
   (kk)   Sign.  Sign, the general term shall mean "Business Sign."  An "Advertising Sign" shall specifically say "Advertising Sign".
   (ll)   Sign Height.  Shall be measured within ten feet (10') of the base of the sign, from the lowest horizontal surface grade to the top of its highest element, including any structure element.
   (mm)   Sign Structure.  Shall be the supports, uprights, bracing, poles or framework for signs.
   (nn)   Temporary Sign.  A Business Sign, intended or installed for no more than forty-five (45) days and no more than three (3) times per year. A Zoning Permit is required. This excludes exempt signs as provided herein.
   (oo)   Wall Sign.  A sign attached to or displayed or painted on an exterior wall in a manner parallel with the wall surface and not separated by more than twelve inches (12") from such surface.
   (pp)   Window Sign.  A sign painted on, attached to, placed in or which can be seen through a window or the glass portion of a door.
(Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)