No sign, whether by change of name of business or change of owner, shall be erected, moved or altered without first obtaining approval either with an individual Sign Permit or as part of another application within which the sign is only one portion of the project. See below for exemptions.
(a)   The City has the authority to remove any Sign, Advertising Sign or Temporary Sign improperly located after the adoption of these regulations. Future signs, Advertising Signs or Temporary Signs erected outside the provisions of this Chapter may be removed by the City. The cost of removal and storage of such signs will be assessed back to the property owner or the business or individual who receives the advertising benefit of the sign.
(b)   The following shall be exempt from obtaining a Zoning Permit:
(1)   Any sign erected and maintained for any governmental function or regulation or for public utility.
(2)   Non-illuminated nameplates, including historical name or number plates, and residential nameplates, not greater than two (2) square feet, mounted on a residence or commercial building.
(3)   Signs, such as "Enter" or "Exit", warning or directing the viewer of action to be taken on private property, if not located in a public right-of-way, and less than nine (9) square feet. All other "Enter" or "Exit" signs shall require a Zoning Permit.
(4)   Temporary, non-illuminated signs, not exceeding twelve (12) square feet and not located in a public right-of-way, used to advertise the sale, rental or lease of the property on which they are located; and similar signs used to advertise events sponsored by churches or other non-profit organizations such as dinners, charity benefits, etc.
(5)   One (1) sign for each painter, roofer, or other contractor during the period when the contractor is performing the work and on the lot which the work is being conducted. Such sign shall not exceed twelve (12) square feet in a Residential District and no more than thirty-five (35) square feet in all other Districts. They shall be removed within five (5) days after the work has been completed and not be located in a public right-of-way.
(6)   Professional Name Plates not exceeding six (6) square feet and mounted on the building.
(7)   Temporary Signs associated with garage sales that do not exceed six (6) square feet, are removed after the sale is completed and are not located in the street right-of-way.
(8)   Signs associated with a campaign, election or other civic affairs that do not exceed sixteen (16) square feet and are removed within five (5) days after the event and are not located within the public right-of-way.
(9)   Non-illuminated signs associated with home occupations, provided they do not exceed six (6) square feet, and are affixed to the structure.
(10)   Non-illuminated signs identifying the name and address of a multiple-family dwelling, located in an R-3 Multiple Family District, and provided that such sign does not exceed twenty-four (24) square feet, is located outside of the street right-of-way and, if located on a corner lot, meets corner clearance requirements.
(11)   Updating an existing sign, where all of the following apply:
A.   The name of the business has not changed;
B.   The owner of the business has not changed; and
C.   The exterior dimensions of the existing sign remain the same or smaller.
(12)   Signs which are part of the construction of a vending machine, fuel pump or similar device.  Does not include signs on top of such devices.
(13)   Days and hours of operation alone, do not constitute a Business Sign.
(14)   Window Signs, whether business or advertising, are exempt from obtaining a Zoning Permit; however, All Window Signs located in the B-1 District must be approved by the Downtown Architectural Standards Board prior to being placed in the window. Banners, and the like, are not considered Window Signs and are not permitted. Window Signs shall be repaired as necessary to maintain an attractive appearance. Unacceptable sign conditions include, but are not limited to: broken, faded or missing letters; broken, faded, or missing sign faces or any other portion of the sign; chipped or peeling paint; missing or inoperative lights; and exposed mechanical or electrical components. Failure to respond to a written request from the City to perform maintenance work shall be in violation of the City's Exterior Property Maintenance Code and shall result in the removal of the sign.
         (Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)