(a)   The surface area of a Business Sign shall be computed as including the entire display area and all of the elements of the matter displayed, including frames.
(1)   For a Business Sign that is framed, outlined, painted, or otherwise prepared and/or intended to provide a background for a sign display, the area of sign shall be the area of one (1) rectangular shape that encompasses the entire background or frame.
(2)   For a Business Sign comprised of individual letters, figures or elements on a wall or similar surface of a building or structure, or an irregular-shaped, Free-standing Business Sign, the area of the sign shall be the area of one (1) rectangular shape that encompasses the entire perimeter of all of the elements in the display.
(3)   Monument-style Signs shall be the same as above, but not to include the base, supports, foundation, etc., unless they have signage on them.
   (b)   For Free-standing Signs and Projecting Signs:
(1)   The sign area shall be computed by the measurement of one (1) of the faces when two (2) identical display faces are joined, are parallel, or within thirty  degrees (30º) of being parallel to each other and are at no point separated by a distance that exceeds two feet (2') apart.
(2)   In computing the area of a sign comprised of multiple faces, the surface area of the sign is equal to one-half (½) of the total surface area. Gas station car canopies, and the like, shall compute one-half (½) of the total surface area of each side that has any signage on it.
   (c)   The surface area of an Advertisement Sign shall be computed the same as a Business Sign. 
(Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)