(a)   The following signs are forbidden in any District:
(1)   Signs and/or Advertising Signs that incorporate flashing or moving lights, except message center signs and time/temperature signs and small, stock "open" signs that do not exceed two (2) square feet in size, and are lit only when the business is open;
(2)   Signs and/or Advertising Signs attached to any utility pole, tree, hedge, railing or fence, except as outlined below in Section 1223.03 (a)(13);
(3)   Signs and/or Advertising Signs that are unsafe or constitute a traffic hazard, as determined by the Zoning Administrator;
(4)   Projecting Signs that extend to or into the public right-of-way, except as permitted within the B-1 Central Business District. A Revocable Use Permit must be signed by owner;
(5)   Temporary or Portable Signs and/or Temporary or Portable Advertising Signs that are provided with electrical power;
(6)   Portable signs that are to be used as free-standing or attached business signs are prohibited;
(7)   Portable advertising signs that exceed twelve (12) square feet;
(8)   Portable signs and/or Advertising Signs located in the right-of-way except in Central Business District with Zero Building Setback as set forth herein;
(9)   Abandoned Signs and/or Abandoned Advertising Signs;
(10)   Signs that exceed thirty-five feet (35') height.
(11)   Roof Signs, Business or Advertising;
(12)   Except as provided herein, Signs and/or Advertising Signs located in a public right-of-way;
(13)   A pennant, banner, streamer or similar type device, unless they are announcing temporary charitable or community functions, in which case, must be approved by the Zoning Administrator or Designee as to content and location. Design, content, and size must be submitted for approval prior to date device is to be displayed. Banners or devices are to be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after event;
(14)   Search lights and beacons; and
(15)   All signs and/or Advertising Signs of an unprofessional or inappropriate nature as determined by the Zoning Administrator or Designee. This designation of unprofessional or inappropriate, as determined by the Zoning Administrator or Designee, may be appealed by the business owner to the Board of Zoning Appeals, and further continued to the City Council for overruling of designation. Any sign designated as unprofessional or inappropriate shall not be allowed in any District.
         (Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)