(a)   Dimensions.
(1)   Each parking stall shall be a minimum of nine feet (9') in width and nineteen feet (19') in length, except parallel parking stalls shall be twenty-two feet (22') in length.
(2)   Aisle width shall vary with the angle of parking as follows:
Parking Angle (Degrees)
Aisle Width (Feet)
Parallel parking
(3)   Head-in parking shall allow three feet (3') of car overhang adjacent to the curb or building.
(4)   A minimum clear distance of three feet (3') shall be provided when parking is adjacent to a building.
(5)   Each off-street loading space shall be at least ten feet (10') in width, twenty-five feet (25') in length, and shall have a vertical clear distance of twenty-five feet (25').
   (b)   Surfacing. All open parking and loading spaces, except a required parking space accessory to a single-, two- or three-family dwelling, shall be graded and provided with a hard surface of bituminous or Portland cement.
   (c)   Drainage. All open, off-street parking and loading areas shall be provided with adequate drainage facilities, as determined by the City Engineer, in order to ensure that storm water does not flow onto abutting sidewalks in such a way or quantity that adjoining property owners or users of the sidewalk would be detrimentally affected or inconvenienced.
   (d)   Screening and Landscaping.
(1)   When any open off-street parking or loading area used for nonresidential purpose and containing more than two (2) spaces is not separated from a residential district by a dedicated street, an effective buffer or screen consisting of a solid wall, fence or view-obscuring dense planting of evergreen shrubs shall be provided to protect the privacy of the adjoining residential uses. Such wall, fence or hedge shall not be less than four feet (4') or more than six feet (6') in height and shall be maintained in good condition.
(2)   All tree lawns shall be landscaped and/or planted with grass and maintained in good condition, in such a way as to clearly distinguish their separation from adjacent public streets or private drives.
   (e)   Lighting. Any lighting used to illuminate off-street parking or loading areas shall be equipped with suitable shielding or be designed as to prevent a glare at eye level on surrounding public or private property or streets.
   (f)   Marking and/or Signing. Designated off-street parking or loading spaces shall be marked on the surface of the parking area with paint or permanent marking materials and maintained in a clearly visible condition. Signing as necessary shall be placed in order to designate particular loading areas or required movements of vehicles as determined by the layout of the parking or loading area. 
(Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)