(a)   Except as otherwise provided herein, signs shall be set back from the established right-of-way line of any street or highway at least two feet (2'). The distance shall be measured from the point of the sign closest to the right-of-way and in no way shall overhang at any part the public right- of-way or the public sidewalk.
   (b)   The following requirements shall apply to any signs within one hundred feet (100') of a residential zoning lot:
(1)   Any such sign shall not exceed thirty-five feet (35').
(2)   Any such sign shall not be illuminated in any fashion.
   (c)   By a variance request, signs in the B-2 General Business District, that are  thirty-five feet (35') in height or less, may be permitted in the right-of-way, if the support structure is located no closer than ten feet (10') from the street pavement.  A Revocable Use Permit must be signed.
   (d)   Monument-style Signs are not to be located in the right-of-way and at a minimum of two feet (2') from the right-of-way or six feet (6') from the back edge of the sidewalk (edge closest to the property), whichever is greater.
(1)   Does not exceed thirty-five (35) square feet.
(2)   See Definitions for these signs.
   (e)   Businesses in the B-1 District with Zero Building Setback from the right-of-way are permitted the following:
(1)   Those signs specifically permitted in Section 1223.11(b);
(2)   Portable Advertising Signs are permitted in the Right-of-Way provided that:
A.   The size does not exceed twelve feet (12');
B.   Are removed daily;
C.   Does not block pedestrian traffic; and
D.   Does not create a safety hazard as determined by the Safety-Service Director or Designee.
            (Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)