5-1-1: Creation and Organization
5-1-2: Bonds Required
5-1-3: Chief of Police
5-1-4: General Powers and Duties
5-1-5: Police Assistance Required
5-1-6: Witness Fees
5-1-7: Police Weapons
5-1-8: Police Pension Fund
5-1-9: Juvenile Section of Department
5-1-10: Village Jail
   A.   Department Created: There is hereby created the Bartlett Police Department, an executive department of the Village. The Police Department shall consist of the Chief of Police and such captains, lieutenants, sergeants and police officers as may be provided for from time to time by the President and Board of Trustees. (1968 Code, §5.001)
In addition to the aforementioned police personnel, certain civilian parking ordinance enforcement personnel, community service officers and an administrative assistant to the Chief of Police, who shall not be police officers, nor have the powers of police officers, may be assigned from time to time to operate under the supervision of the Police Department. (Ord. 76-6, 3-2-76; amd. 1983 Code)
   B.   Organization: The Police Department shall be organized and the officers thereof shall be appointed and shall function as provided by the rules and regulations and subject to the control of the Village President and Board of Trustees as may be provided by ordinance. (1968 Code, §5.002)
   C.   Appointments and Promotions Within the Department: Appointments and promotions of members of the Police Department shall be made by the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners. 1 (1968 Code, §5.014)
Before entering upon the duties of their respective offices, each officer shall execute a bond to the Village in the amounts to be prescribed by the Village Board at the time of their appointment. (1968 Code, §5.005)
The office of Chief of Police of the Bartlett Police Department is hereby created and established pursuant to the provisions set out in Title 1, Chapter 8, Article H of the Bartlett Municipal Code. (1983 Code)
It shall be the duty of the members of the Police Department to see to the enforcement of all ordinances of the Village, of all statutes effective in the Village, and to preserve order and prevent infractions of the law and to arrest violators thereof. In addition: (1968 Code, §5.006)
   A.   Aid to Fire Department: It shall be the duty of the Police Department to aid the Bartlett and Countryside Fire Protection District within the Village by giving alarms in case of fire and clearing the streets or ground in the immediate vicinity of the fire, so that the members of the Fire Department shall not be hindered or obstructed in the performance of their duties. (1968 Code, §5.010)
   B.   Conduct of Members: It shall be the duty of every member of the Police Department to conduct himself in a proper and law abiding manner and to avoid the use of unnecessary force. (1968 Code, §5.017)
It shall be the duty of every citizen in the Village eighteen (18) years of age and over, when called upon by any member of the Police Department, in case of emergency, to promptly aid and assist such officer in the execution of his police duties. Any person who shall refuse to give aid and assistance shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00). (1968 Code, §5.012)
All officers making arrests shall attend as witnesses before the court where the trial may be had, and shall procure all necessary evidence in their power and furnish a list of witnesses to the court and the Village Attorney, and no Village officer shall be entitled to any witness fees to be taxed against the Village in any action for the violation of an ordinance where the Village is plaintiff. (1968 Code, §5.018)
Each member of the Police Department shall, at his own expense, provide his own gun, the pattern, design and caliber of which shall be approved in advance by the Chief of Police. (1968 Code, §5.021)
The Police Pension Fund shall operate under the provisions of the Illinois Revised Statutes. (1968 Code, §5.013)
There is hereby levied upon all property subject to taxation within the Village a special tax at a rate on the dollar which will produce an amount which, when added to the deductions from salaries or wages of police officers, and receipts available from all other sources referred to in the Illinois Pension Code, will equal a sum sufficient to meet the annual requirements of the Police Pension Fund of the Village, pursuant to the provisions of sections 3-125 and 3-127 of the Illinois Pension Code. 2 The annual requirements to be provided by such tax levy shall be equal to the reserve prescribed by said Illinois Pension Code. (Res. 75-34R, 7-1-75)
   A.   There is hereby created a Juvenile Section within the Police Department, which shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over persons under the age of seventeen (17) years. The Chief of Police shall designate and assign certain members of the Police Department to be the Juvenile Officers and such officers shall supervise and be in charge of said Juvenile Section. No person shall be designated as a Youth Officer unless such person shall have had special training or experience in the matter of youth problems and juvenile delinquency.
   B.   The Juvenile Section, in the administration of the duties of said office and the supervision of the Juvenile Section, shall cooperate with all other divisions of the Police Department and shall function under the supervision of the Chief of Police.
   C.   The Juvenile Section shall have charge of and be responsible for wayward, dependent and delinquent children under the age of seventeen (17) years, crimes against children, domestic relations where children are involved and the investigation of all complaints pertaining thereto. The Juvenile Section shall keep and maintain its own records of complaints, investigations and reports. All children under the age of seventeen (17) years who are apprehended or brought into custody of the Police Department shall be turned over to the Juvenile Section.
   D.   All members of the Police Department shall cooperate with the Juvenile Section in connection with arrests and investigations involving delinquent children. The Juvenile Section shall be charged with all matters referred by it to the Circuit Court of Cook and DuPage Counties, Juvenile Division, and shall perform such other and additional duties as the Chief of Police may from time to time direct. (1983 Code)
   A.   Establishment: The place in the Village heretofore established and used as the jail, or any other place which may be hereafter used for that purpose, is hereby declared to be the Village jail. (1968 Code, §7.301)
   B.   Custodian: The Chief of Police shall be the keeper of the jail and shall have custody over all persons confined therein and of all property pertaining thereto. (1968 Code, §7.302)
   C.   Prisoners:
      1.   Incarceration: The jail shall be used for the incarceration of all persons arrested for violating any law of the State of Illinois, the United States or for violating any Village ordinance, until such person shall be lawfully brought before a magistrate for a hearing or until such person shall be lawfully transferred to some other place of incarceration or otherwise lawfully released. (1968 Code, §7.303)
      2.   Communications With Prisoners: It shall be unlawful for any person to communicate with any prisoner held in said jail without the permission of the Chief of Police or other officer in charge. (1968 Code, §7.305)
      3.   Escape Prohibited: It shall be unlawful for any person to escape, attempt to escape, or to assist any prisoner to escape or attempt to escape from the Village jail. (1968 Code, §7.304)
   D.   Penalty: Any person violating any of the provisions of this Section shall be fined not less than five dollars ($5.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each offense. (1968 Code, §7.306)



1. See Municipal Code Title 2, Chapter 4.
1. S.H.A. ch. 1081/2, §§3-125, 3-127.