General Provisions
   92.01   Definitions
   92.02   Superintendent of Cemeteries; powers and duties
   92.03   Authority of town to modify, suspend cemetery regulations
Purchase of Cemetery Lots
   92.10   Town to keep plat book of lots
   92.11   Fees and charges
   92.12   Purchase of cemetery lots; deed
   92.13   [Reserved]
   92.14   Sale of more than four plots prohibited
   92.15   Assignment, transfer of lot
   92.16   Proceeds from lot sales
   92.17   Receipt of gratuity, commission by town employee prohibited
Cemetery Rules and Regulations
   92.25   Interment regulations
   92.26   Removal of body to different lot or plot
   92.27   Right of town to correct errors in interment and the like
   92.28   Care of cemetery by town
   92.29   Town to approve all alterations to lots or plots
   92.30   Planting or pruning trees, shrubs; town approval required
   92.31   Floral pieces and the like
   92.32   Markers and monuments
   92.33   Mausoleums, tombs, and the like
   92.34   [Reserved]
   92.35   Perpetual easements for passage to, from plots
   92.36   Driving vehicles on roadways; speed limits
   92.37   Disturbances, trespassing prohibited
   92.38   Construction materials to be removed
  Statutory reference:
   Authority of municipalities to regulate cemeteries, see G.S. § 160A-341