General Provisions
   100.01   Unlawful to damage streets
   100.02   Unlawful to damage bridges or culverts
   100.03   Unlawful to damage traffic lights, signs, and the like
   100.04   Unlawful to drive through or remove steet barricades
   100.05   House moving
   100.06   Permit required for erecting electric, telephone poles; care of poles
Excavation and Construction
   100.15   Permit required
   100.16   Excavations to be refilled
   100.17   Excavations to be protected with lights, barricades
Obstructing Streets and Sidewalks
   100.25   Assemblies
   100.26   Selling on streets
   100.27   Displays of goods
   100.28   Placing objects on streets,sidewalks
   100.29   Construction near sidewalk; overhead covered passageway required
   100.30   Wooden sheds or awnings
   100.31   Signs over streets, sidewalks
   100.32   Carts or vehicles blocking sidewalks, driveways
   100.33   Trash, tree trimmings on streets and sidewalks
Parades; Demonstrations
   100.40   Definitions
   100.41   Permit required; exceptions
   100.42   Procedure for obtaining permit
   100.43   Denial of permit; appeal
   100.44   Prohibited activities
   100.50   Purpose
   100.51   Definitions
   100.52   Creation and establishment of a Town Tree Board
   100.53   Terms of office
   100.54   Compensation
   100.55   Duties and responsibilities
   100.56   Operation
   100.57   Tree species to be planted
   100.58   Spacing
   100.59   Distance from curb and sidewalk
   100.60   Distance from street corners and fire hydrants
   100.61   Utilities
   100.62   Public tree care
   100.63   Pruning standards
   100.64   Tree topping
   100.65   Pruning and corner clearance
   100.66   Dead or diseased tree removal on private property
   100.67   Removal of stumps
   100.68   Protection of trees
   100.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   General authority over streets, sidewalks, and other public ways, see G.S. § 160A-296