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Cable Television
814.01   Scope; intent; prohibited activities; definitions.
814.02   Filing and review of rates.
814.03   Rate orders.
814.04   Duties of franchisees.
814.05   Duties of the Natural Resources, Environmental, and Public Media Committee of Council.
814.06   Violations; penalties and forfeitures; denial of request for rate approval.
814.07   Proprietary information.
814.08   Petition for change in effective competition status.
   Cable television contracts - see Ohio R.C. 505.90 et seq.
   Interrupting or impairing television - see Ohio R.C. 2909.04
   Regulation of political broadcasts - see Ohio R.C. 3599.09
   Unlawful interest in contracts - see GEN. OFF. 606.17
   Wireless telecommunications towers and facilities - see P. & Z. Ch. 1256