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   (a)   This chapter governs the regulation of rates for basic service and equipment within the City for any franchisee which has been notified that the City has been certified to regulate its basic service and equipment rates and that the City has adopted regulations governing the regulation of basic service and equipment rates. The provisions set forth in this chapter are intended to be consistent with all Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations governing basic service rates and equipment, and the City will regulate and interpret its rules so that they are consistent with FCC regulations, as if those regulations were set forth in full herein.  The franchisee is prohibited from engaging in any activity that it is prohibited from engaging in under FCC rules, as if those rules were set forth in full herein.
   (b)   For purposes of this chapter, the terms "basic service" and "basic cable service" have the same meaning as the term "basic service" as provided in 47 CFR 76.901, and the term "equipment" refers to all equipment and services subject to regulation under 47 CFR 76.923. 
(Ord. 137-94.  Passed 7-11-94.)