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   (a)   The Civil Service Commission shall provide by rule for the appointment and promotion of personnel in the administrative service of the City according to merit, to be ascertained, insofar as practical, by open competitive examinations, as required by the State Constitution, and within the framework of Chapter 256.
   (b)   The Commission shall also provide by rule, within the framework set forth in Section 256.13, for appeals from the action of the Mayor, department heads, elected officials, boards and Council in any case of transfer, reduction or removal. The Commission is authorized to subpoena witnesses and to require the production of records in accordance with Chapter 268 of the Codified Ordinances. The action of the Commission on any such appeal shall be final, except as otherwise provided by laws of the State.
   (c)   All rules which are adopted by the Commission pursuant to this section are subject to the approval of Council.
(Ord. 147-84.  Passed 10-22-84; Ord. 68-2015.  Passed 6-8-15.)