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   Any officer or employee of the classified service may request a hearing in all cases of suspension from duty without pay for more than three days, of demotion in rank and salary and of dismissal before the Civil Service Commission sitting as an Appeals Board. The employee or officer must submit a written request to the secretary of the Commission or with a member of the Commission within ten days from the date when such officer or employee is given a written order of the disciplinary action  complained of.
   The Commission shall promptly set a date and time for a hearing on such an appeal, and at such hearing the appellant may appear in person or by counsel and the Appointing Authority and/or department head may likewise appear in person or by counsel, and each may offer such evidence upon the matter as may be pertinent and relevant.
   Upon conclusion of the hearing, the Commission may affirm, disaffirm or modify the judgment of the Appointing Authority as to any disciplinary action involving suspension without pay for more than three days, demotion or dismissal.
(Ord. 8-62.  Passed 1-8-62; Ord. 75-2013. Passed 6-10-13.)