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   An employee may, at any time, submit a written request, through his or her department head, to the Mayor or to the Board of Municipal Utilities, if employed by the Department of Municipal Utilities, for review and modification of the pay grade allocated to his or her classification, setting forth the reasons why such a review and modification are justified. Within thirty calendar days the Mayor or the Board, upon investigation, shall render a written decision on the employee's request. If the Mayor or the Board decides that the request is without merit and denies the same, the employee and the Human Resources Committee shall be notified, in writing, of such denial. The employee may appeal such decision by giving written notice to the Committee within ten calendar days after receipt of the written denial. Upon receipt of the written notice of appeal, the Committee shall set a hearing within ten calendar days to receive pertinent oral and/or written information on the issue and shall render a written decision on the question within fourteen calendar days. At the next regularly scheduled meeting of Council, Council shall review the Committee's recommendation and make a decision. The decision of Council shall be final. A written copy of such decision shall be delivered to the employee, the Committee and the Mayor or the Board, whichever of the latter two is applicable.
(Ord. 113-88.  Passed 6-27-88.)