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   As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Anniversary date” means the date any City employee was initially employed or the latest date of re-employment.
   (b)   “Appointing authority” means either the Mayor, Council, Department Heads or the Board of Municipal Utilities, having the right of appointment of any particular City employee.
   (c)   “Base salary or wage” means the minimum salary or hourly rate of pay for the classification to which an employee may be hired.
   (d)   “Classification” means a specific job title and specifications for that job.
   (e)   “Initial pay” means the step of the classification an employee is assigned.
   (f)   “Job classification plan” means a system of classifications and pay range assignments.
   (g)   “Pay period” means the period of time during which a payroll is determined by the Director of Finance.
   (h)   “Pay range” means a division of compensation scheduling to which classifications of positions are assigned. A pay range shall have a minimum and maximum pay.
   (i)   “Probationary employee” means an employee employed during a specific period of time at the beginning of either an original appointment or immediately following a promotion, which time constitutes a trial or testing period for such employee.
   (j)   “Promotional employee” means an employee in a position, the classification for which carries a higher pay range than that previously held.
   (k)   “Reassignment” means the changing of the job classification assigned to an individual.
   (l)   “Reclassification” means the act of changing the classification of an existing position.
   (m)   “Specification” means a particular description of a job classification specifying or giving examples of the responsibilities and duties to be performed by employees holding positions included in such classification, which description may include the classification number, a statement of job functions and a group of task statements by job duties.
   (n)   “Transfer” means the act of changing an employee from one job classification to another with a different department or discipline.  The transfer may be a demotion in classification, a lateral in classification or a promotion in classification.
(Ord. 113-88.  Passed 6-27-88; Ord. 75-2013. Passed 6-10-13.)