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   (a)   Employee grievances shall, in the first instance, be discussed between the individual employee involved and his or her department head. If the problem is not thereby resolved to the satisfaction of each, and if the employee is a member of a recognized employee organization, a representative of that employee organization may, on behalf of the employee involved, meet with the proper department head for discussion of the grievance in an attempt to settle it to the satisfaction of the parties concerned.
   (b)   If an employee grievance cannot be resolved by such discussion with the department head, the employee or the employee organization, if one is involved, may submit such grievance, in written form, to the Mayor for his or her consideration and evaluation. A copy shall, at the same time, be provided to the department head involved, and the Mayor shall, within fifteen days after receipt of such a request for his or her review, arrange for a meeting with the parties involved and shall attempt to resolve the dispute.
(Ord. 37-69.  Passed 4-28-69.)
   (c)   If such grievance in question is not resolved within fifteen days after its submission to the Mayor, either the employee or the department head may submit the grievance in question to the Human Resources Committee with a request for its consideration. Such a request shall be made in writing and delivered to the Chairperson of the Committee. It shall set forth, as clearly and concisely as possible, the nature of the grievance involved and the facts necessary to show it has properly been presented through the preliminary steps required by this section. A copy of such request shall be delivered to both the opposing party and the Mayor, and each shall also be given the opportunity to submit to the Committee a written memorandum of his or her views on the request. Within fifteen days after receipt of such a request for review, the Committee shall arrange for a meeting with the parties involved for an oral presentation of the question. Following such a meeting, and within fifteen days thereafter, the Committee shall decide the question and reduce its decision to writing. Copies shall be provided to all parties involved, including Council. Any time limit specified in this section may be extended with the consent of all parties concerned. 
(Ord. 118-96.  Passed 6-10-96.)
   (d)   The decision of the Committee shall be final insofar as the department head is concerned. The decision of the Committee shall be reduced to writing and a copy delivered to the employee concerned. The employee or employee organization involved may, if he, she or it so elects, submit the matter in dispute to the Fact-Finding Authority as provided for in Section 256.19.
(Ord. 51-70.  Passed 3-23-70.)