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   (a)   With the exception of elected officials, appointed officials, employees not having civil service status and persons in any supervisory position as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act, amended 2004,  all Municipal employees shall have the right to self-organization, the right to form and join associations for representation purposes and the right to join, form and affiliate with employee organizations of their own choosing.
(Ord. 85-72.  Passed 6-26-72.)
   (b)   "Employee organization," as used in this section, means any lawful association, fraternal order, labor organization, federation, council or brotherhood having as its primary purpose the improvement of working conditions of public employees. The term does not include any organization:
      (1)   Which discriminates with regard to the terms and conditions of membership because of race, color, creed or national origin; and
      (2)   Which, in the opinion of Council, is so subject to corrupt influences or influences opposed to basic democratic principles that recognition would be inconsistent with the objectives of this chapter.
   (c)   To be recognized as an employee organization with the right to represent Municipal employees in the manner prescribed in this chapter, any such organization shall be prepared to establish, to the satisfaction of Council, that it represents a majority of employees in an employment unit in the City, the appropriateness of which unit has been determined by Council.
(Ord. 37-69.  Passed 4-28-69.)
   (d)   Council hereby recognizes the Avon Lake Municipal Utilities Employees Association, the International Association of Firefighters Local 1361 and the Fraternal Order of Police 25/Avon Lake Division, as covered by the Ohio pension laws below the rank of sergeant, as being valid employee organizations.
(Ord. 108-83.  Passed 9-21-83; Ord. 75-2013. Passed 6-10-13.)