Subd. 1. Procedure.
      A. Application for a minor subdivision within the current city boundaries or within two mile extraterritorial jurisdiction will be submitted to the city.
      B. If the Zoning Administrator or designee determines that approval of the minor subdivision will not interfere with the intent and purpose of this chapter, he or she shall approve the application. If the Zoning Administrator or designee determines that the application would interfere with the intent and purpose of this chapter, the application shall be forwarded to the Board of Adjustment for its consideration.
      C. The minor subdivision shall be submitted to the City Council for final action. If approved by Council, the applicant shall provide a copy of the minor subdivision to the city and then shall record it with the county. If the plat is not filed within 60 days of approval, it shall become null and void.
   Subd. 2. Exhibits to accompany application:
      A. A completed application;
      B. Application fee; and
      C. One 11-inch by 17-inch copy and a digital PDF image of a minor subdivision including all information required for a final plat as described in the Manual of Guidelines for Platting in Minnesota and shall be prepared by a licensed land surveyor and required by the Mower County Recorder's office.
   Subd. 3. Criteria.
      A. Shall contain no more than five lots;
      B. The subdivision cannot involve the construction of any public right-of-way or public utilities other than the standard required easements of platted lots and future easement corridors;
      C. Does not impair access from the subject properties or any adjacent properties;
      D. Does not violate any local, state or federal adopted law, ordinance, regulation, plan or policy; and
      E. The final plat shall be prepared by a land surveyor licensed in the state. Prepared plats shall comply with M.S. Ch. 505 and M.S. § 462.358, as they may be amended from time to time, and the platting standards as adopted by the state's Association of County Surveyors as administered by the County Surveyor, who shall check the final plat before recording.
(Ord. 699, passed 1-18-22)