§ 11.065 PURPOSE.
   Subd. 1. Land subdivision is the first step in the process of community development. Once land has been divided into streets, blocks, lots and open spaces, a pattern has been established which determines how well community needs for residence, business and industry will be met. It also determines to a great extent how well the community will be able to handle its traffic circulation problems, how well it will be able to meet the demand for home sites and how efficiently and economically it will be able to provide the many services that are required.
   Subd. 2. After land has been subdivided and publicly recorded, it is very difficult and costly to correct defects and deficiencies in the subdivision layout and in the facilities provided. In addition, a subdivided area sooner or later becomes a public responsibility. The roads and streets must be maintained and various public services customary to urban areas must be provided. The welfare of the entire community is affected in many important respects. The guidance of land development through subdivision regulations is therefore a matter of public concern. It is in the interest of the public, the developer and future owners that subdivisions be conceived and designed and developed in accordance with sound rules and proper minimum standards.
   Subd. 3. These subdivision regulations are designed to provide for harmonious development of the subdivided area; for coordinated layout; for the proper arrangement of streets; for adequate and convenient spaces for traffic, utilities, recreation, light, air and access for fire fighting equipment and for adequate provision of water, drainage, sewer and other sanitary facilities. These regulations shall not apply to land used only for agricultural purposes.
   Subd. 4. Legal authority. This chapter is enacted under the authority of M.S. § 462.358, as amended.
   Subd. 5. Jurisdictional limits. The regulations governing plats and subdivision of land established by this chapter shall apply within the corporate limits of the City of Austin and to the unincorporated area within two miles of its limits, provided that where a municipality lies less than four miles from the limits of the city, this chapter shall apply only to a line equidistant from the city and the municipality, provided that the governing bodies of unincorporated towns adjacent to the city have not adopted ordinances for the regulation of subdivision of land or platting. A copy of the resolution approving subdivision plats of land outside the city but not subject to township subdivision regulations shall be filed with the clerk of the town in which the land is situated.
   Subd. 6. Recording. It is unlawful for any person, being the owner or agent, having control of any land within the incorporated area of the city to subdivide or lay out the land in lots unless by plat in accordance with the regulations contained herein. No plat shall be recorded with the County Recorder and no lot shall be sold from the plat unless approved, as herein required.
(Ord. 699, passed 1-18-22)