Sexually Oriented Businesses
1159.01   Definitions.
1159.02   Establishment and classification of businesses regulated.
1159.03   Sexually oriented business licenses generally.
1159.04   Form and submittal of license application.
1159.05   Processing of license application.
1159.06   Standards for issuance or denial of license.
1159.07   Inspection by the City.
1159.08   Change in information.
1159.09   Regulations applicable to all sexually oriented businesses.
1159.10   Special regulations for adult arcades.
1159.11   Special regulations for adult cabarets.
1159.12   Special regulations for adult stores.
1159.13   Special regulations for adult theaters.
1159.14   Licensee responsibility for employees.
1159.15   License revocation or suspension.
1159.16   Administrative record.
1159.17   Recordkeeping by licensee.
1159.18   Nuisance declared.
1159.19   Computation of time.
1159.20   Other laws and ordinances.
1159.99   Penalty.
Indecency and obscenity- see GEN. OFF. Ch. 533