(a)   Upon the filing of an application for a sexually oriented business license with the Planning Commission, the application shall be referred to all appropriate City departments for investigation to be made on the information contained in the application.  The application process shall be completed within 60 days from the date of the completed application.  After the investigation, the Planning Commission shall issue a license unless the requirements set forth above are not met.
   (b)   Appeal.  An applicant may appeal any decision of the Planning Commission denying an application to the Ashtabula City Council.  The applicant must file the appeal with the Clerk of Council within 15 days after service of notice upon the applicant of the Planning Commission's decision.  The notice of appeal shall be accompanied by a memorandum or other writing setting out fully the grounds for such appeal and all arguments in support thereof.  The Planning Commission may submit a memorandum in response if the Commission so desires. After reviewing the memoranda, as well as the Planning Commissions written decision, if any, the City Council shall vote either to uphold or overrule the Planning Commission’s decision.  City Council shall rule on the appeal within 60 days of its filing.  All parties shall comply with the Planning Commission’s decision pending appeal.  Judicial review may be made pursuant to Chapter 2506 of the Ohio Revised Code.
(2004 Code)