(a)   Required Form.  An application for a sexually oriented business license, or the renewal thereof, shall be made in writing to the City of Ashtabula Planning Commission  on a form prescribed by the Planning Commission and shall be signed by:
      (1)    The applicant, if the applicant is an individual;
      (2)    At least one of the persons entitled to share in the profits of the organization and having unlimited personal liability for the obligations of the organization and the right to bind all other such persons, if the applicant is a partnership (general or limited), joint venture, or any other type of organization; or
      (3)    By a duly authorized agent, if the applicant is a corporation. 
   Each application shall specifically identify the applicant and the licensed premises for which a sexually oriented business license is sought.  Each initial or renewal application shall be accompanied by ten identical copies.
   (b)   Administrative Processing Fee.  Every applicant for a sexually oriented business license shall pay an administrative processing fee in the amount of $100.  The administrative processing fee shall in all cases be non-refundable.
   (c)   Required Information and Documents.  Each application shall include the following information and documents:
              Names of applicants.
      (1)   Individuals.  The applicant's legal name, all of the applicant's aliases, the applicant's business address and social security number, written proof of the applicant's age, the citizenship and place of birth of the applicant and, if a naturalized citizen, the time and place of the applicant's naturalization.
      (2)   Corporations.  The applicant corporation's complete name and official business address; the legal name, all aliases, and the ages, business addresses, and social security numbers of all the directors, officers, and managers of the corporation and of every person owning or controlling more than 50% of the voting shares of the corporation; the corporation's date and place of incorporation and the objects for which it was formed; proof that the corporation is a corporation in good standing and authorized to conduct business in the State of Ohio; and the name of the registered corporate agent and the address of the registered office for service of process.
      (3)   Partnerships (general or limited), joint ventures, or any other type of organization where two or more persons share in the profits and liabilities of the organization.  The applicant organization's complete name and official business address; the legal name, all aliases, and the ages, business addresses, and social security numbers of each partner (other than limited partners) or any other person entitled to share in the profits of the organization, whether or not any such person is also obligated to share in the liabilities of the organization.
         A.   The general character and nature of the business of the applicant.
         B.   The location, including street address and legal description, and telephone number, of the premises for which the sexually oriented business license is sought.
         C.   The specific name of the business that is to be operated under the sexually oriented business license.
         D.   The identity of each fee simple owner of the licensed premises.
         E.   A diagram showing the internal and external configuration of the licensed premises, including all doors, windows, entrances, exits, and the fixed structural internal features of the licensed premises, plus the interior rooms, walls, partitions, stages, performance areas, and restrooms.  A professionally prepared diagram in the nature of an engineer's or architect's blueprint shall not be required; provided, however, that each diagram shall be oriented to the north or to some designated street or object and shall be drawn to a designated scale or with marked dimensions to an accuracy of plus or minus six inches and sufficient to show clear compliance with the provisions of this chapter.  The requirements of this division shall not apply for renewal applications if the applicant adopts a diagram that was previously submitted for the license sought to be renewed and if the licensee certifies that the licensed premises has not been altered since the immediately preceding issuance of the license and that the previous diagram continues to accurately depict the exterior and interior layouts of the licensed premises.  The approval or use of the diagram required pursuant to this division shall not be deemed to be, and shall not be interpreted or construed to constitute, any other City approval otherwise required pursuant to applicable City ordinances and regulations.
         F.   The specific type or types of sexually oriented businesses that the applicant proposes to operate in the licensed premises.
         G.   A copy of each sexually oriented business license, liquor license, and gaming license currently held by the applicant or any of the individuals identified in the application.
         H.   The name of the individual or individuals who shall be the day-to- day, on-site managers of the proposed sexually oriented business.
         I.   Any application for a sexually oriented business license that does not include all of the information and documents required pursuant to this section shall be deemed to be incomplete and shall not be acted on or processed by the City.  The City shall, within ten days of such submittal, return the incomplete application to the applicant along with a written explanation of the reasons why the application is incomplete.
            (2004 Code)