A PUD shall be granted as a special use to the zoning district in which it is located. The village board is the final decision-making body. The process for obtaining a PUD approval shall be as follows.
   A.   Drawings:
      1.   The generalized pattern of existing land use, indicating ground elevations, major and minor roadways, sidewalks, railroads, sanitary sewers, storm sewers and drainage improvements, water mains, utilities and designated landmarks, historical areas and buildings.
      2.   Detailed drawings of the area covered by the proposed development indicating the proposed: ground elevations, streets, lots, buildings, heights and uses of buildings, landscaping, pedestrian access and circulation, common open space, recreational areas and facilities, parking areas, service areas and other facilities related to the proposed development.
   B.   Land Uses: A description of the quantity of all land uses in the proposed development.
   C.   Dedicated Acreage: The number of acres to be devoted to recreational areas, schools, parks, or municipal purposes; if the proposed development is to be constructed in phases, the area and location of such uses that will be provided at each stage.
   D.   Requested Modifications: A description of the modifications, exceptions, and deviations from this code which are being requested as part of the application for approval of the PUD. (Ord. 19-12-43, 1-13-2020)