A.   Cows, Hogs, Sheep And Cattle: The keeping of cows, hogs, sheep and cattle within the village is forbidden, with the exception of the keeping of Vietnamese potbellied pigs as provided in subsection B of this section.
   B.   Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs: Vietnamese potbellied pigs may be kept in residential areas when the Vietnamese potbellied pigs are kept solely for pet purposes and not for livestock or breeding purposes and do not constitute a nuisance as more fully defined in subsection 5-1-5A of this code. Only two (2) Vietnamese potbellied pigs shall be allowed per household. This subsection shall be applied to section 6-1-3 of this chapter in that a Vietnamese potbellied pig shall be included in the total number of pets allowed in section 6-1-3 of this chapter. (1976 Code § 91.021)