A.   Prohibition: It shall be unlawful for any person or owner to own, keep or harbor at any time more than the maximum number of dogs and cats in the village, as specified in this section.
   B.   Number Allowed:
Parcel Size
Maximum Number Of Dogs, Cats Or Combination Allowed
Up to and including 1/2 acre
Over 1/2 acre (up to and
including 11/2 acres)
   C.   Multi-Family Units: Households located within multi-unit structures (apartments, condominiums, etc.) will be limited to the number of dogs and cats specified for parcels sized up to one-half (1/2) acre; however, owners/landlords of such multi-unit housing, condominium associations or other applicable authorities, may further limit the number of animals in said units. (1976 Code § 98.015)
   D.   Multiple Animal Permits: For parcels larger than one and one- half (11/2) acres, a special multiple animal permit, as specified in this section, is required for the owning, keeping or harboring of five (5) or more dogs or cats. The limit for dogs and cats or any combination thereof is eight (8) under this permit. (1976 Code §§ 91.015, 91.021)
      1.   Applications by individuals for multiple animal permits shall be made to the village animal warden on forms prescribed by the village and shall be accompanied by the required annual fee of seventy five dollars ($75.00).
      2.   Each permit shall be issued for the term of one fiscal year or for such part thereof as remains at the time of the issuance of the permit. Each permit shall be renewed during the month of December every year. Each permit shall be signed by the village administrator or his designated representative and shall be issued under the seal of the village.
      3.   The village animal warden may refuse to issue or renew or may suspend or revoke a multiple animal permit on any one or more of the following grounds:
         a.   Material misstatement in the application for original permit or in the application for any renewal permit under this section.
         b.   Wilful disregard or prior history of violation of this section.
         c.   Wilfully aiding or abetting another in the violation of this section.
         d.   Allowing one's permit under this section to be used by another person.
         e.   Failure to allow the village animal control warden to annually, or unannounced, inspect the premises for sanitary conditions, proper ventilation, adequate nutrition, humane care and treatment, including required rabies vaccinations and registrations for all dogs and/or cats in the warden's jurisdiction.
   E.   Exemptions: Licensed kennel operators, pounds, animal shelters, pet shop operators and dog dealers, as defined in the Illinois animal welfare act 2 , existing before the effective date hereof, are exempt from this section.
   F.   Violations:
      1.   Any owner or person who keeps or harbors more than the permitted number of dogs or cats before the effective date hereof, shall not be allowed to obtain or replace dogs or cats that are in excess of that which is allowed. Such owners or persons shall be subject to a multiple pet permit as stipulated in this section.
      2.   Failure to comply with this section within fifteen (15) calendar days of receiving notice of violation of this section from the animal warden shall result in the issuance of a ticket for violation of this section. The court upon hearing evidence of the violation shall order removal by the animal warden of all animals in excess of that which is allowed. (1976 Code § 91.015)



1. See also subsection 5-1-5A8 of this code.
1. 510 ILCS 5/1.