§ 7-2.621 DRIVEWAYS.
   (A)   Cement aprons. All driveway aprons shall be constructed of portland cement concrete within the road or street right-of-way.
   (B)   Business and industrial driveways. No driveway shall be of greater width than 50% of the actual lot frontage on any one street, nor more than 30 feet, whichever is the lesser. In case of more than one driveway in front of any property, the total width of driveways shall not exceed said 50% of frontage, and there shall be 20 feet, or a multiple thereof, of standard curb, gutters, and sidewalk between such driveways.
   (C)   Residential driveways. Single driveways shall not exceed 14 feet in width, and double driveways shall not exceed 21 feet in width between the tops of ramps at the end of driveways. No more than two driveways shall be permitted on any residential property 100 feet or under in width, and not more than one additional driveway for each 50 feet additional. Space between driveway, shall be 20 feet or multiples thereof.
   (D)   Exceptions.
      (1)   Wider driveways may be permitted upon the approval of the City Engineer and Chief of Police provided the applicant can show the following:
         (a)   That approval will not create a parking problem;
         (b)   That approval will not create a traffic problem; and
         (c)   That the nature of the use of the property is such as to absolutely require a wider driveway.
      (2)   All requests for exceptions shall be in writing.
   (E)   Replacement of curb and sidewalk at abandoned driveways.
      (1)    ABANDONED DRIVEWAY shall mean any driveway for which there appears to be no immediate reasonable use as such, or where the use or condition of the abutting property has been so changed that the driveway is no longer needed.
      (2)   Any such abandoned driveway shall be removed and replaced with a standard curb, gutter, and sidewalk to fit the existing line and grade of the adjacent standard curb, gutter, and sidewalk within 30 days after the driveway has become abandoned.
      (3)   Any driveway abandoned as defined in subdivision (1) of this division and not removed or reconstructed within 30 days after its abandonment shall justify the city in removing the driveway and replacing it with standard curb, gutter, and sidewalk and charging the costs of restoring or replacing such curb, gutter, or sidewalk to the property owner.
('66 Code, § 7-2.621) (Ord. 41-C-S, passed 2-7-68; Am. Ord. 369-C-S, passed 7-27-78) Penalty, see §§ 1-2.01 et seq.