Subtitle 1. Definitions; General Provisions
   12-4-101.   Definitions.
   12-4-102.   Notices.
   12-4-103.   Injunctive relief.
   12-4-104.   Liability for subduing animal at large.
Subtitle 2. Animal Matters Commission
   12-4-201.   Commission established.
   12-4-202.   Composition; appointment; terms; compensation.
   12-4-203.   Chair; Executive Secretary; Secretary; Counsel.
   12-4-204.   Quorum.
   12-4-205.   Meeting and duties of Commission.
   12-4-206.   Hearings before Commission.
Subtitle 3. Animal Care and Control Agency and Officers
   12-4-301.   Enforcement of article.
   12-4-302.   Appointment and powers of Agency officers.
   12-4-303.   Recordkeeping by Agency.
   12-4-304.   Authority to charge; citation.
   12-4-305.   Elections available to person who receives citation.
   12-4-306.   Duties of individual issuing citation.
   12-4-307.   Duties of Agency on receiving citation.
   12-4-308.   Duties of Commission on receiving citation.
   12-4-309.   Disposition of citation filed with District Court.
   12-4-310.   Application for criminal summons or warrant.
   12-4-311.   Confidentiality of records of violations.
   12-4-312.   Interference with Agency officer prohibited.
Subtitle 4. Public Safety
   12-4-401.   Applicability.
   12-4-402.   Public safety threats; potentially dangerous, dangerous, and vicious animal criteria; defenses.
   12-4-403.   Potentially dangerous, dangerous or vicious animals; orders.
   12-4-404.   Authority to dispose of vicious animals.
   12-4-405.   Keeping of vicious animals prohibited.
   12-4-406.   Dangerous animal registry.
Subtitle 5. Impoundment of Animals
   12-4-501.   Authority to impound.
   12-4-502.   Right of entry.
   12-4-503.   Notice; holding period.
   12-4-504.   Redemption of impounded animals.
   12-4-505.   Disposition of animals.
Subtitle 6. Rabies Control
   12-4-601.   Vaccination of dogs and cats required.
   12-4-602.   Required reports – In general.
   12-4-603.   Required report by veterinarian.
   12-4-604.   Confirmed or highly likely cases of rabies.
   12-4-605.   Confinement of animals that bite humans.
   12-4-606.   Destruction or isolation of animals exposed to rabies.
   12-4-607.   Requirement for surrender of animal for destruction or quarantine.
   12-4-608.   Quarantine – Animal suspected of being exposed to rabies.
   12-4-609.   Quarantine – Animal diagnosed as having rabies.
   12-4-610.   Restrictions on killing or removing certain animals.
   12-4-611.   Surrender and disposal of dead animal exposed to rabies.
Subtitle 7. Licenses
   12-4-701.   Application.
   12-4-702.   Dog and cat licenses.
   12-4-703.   Dog fancier license.
   12-4-704.   Cat fancier license.
   12-4-705.   Commercial kennel license.
   12-4-706.   Pet shop license.
   12-4-707.   Grooming parlor license.
   12-4-708.   Petting zoo license.
   12-4-709.   Chicken and duck license.
   12-4-710.   Pet care business license.
   12-4-711.   Expiration, renewal, and revocation of certain licenses.
   12-4-712.   Notice of denial, nonrenewal, revocation, or suspension of license.
   12-4-713.   Appeals.
   12-4-714.   Effect of denial or revocation of license.
   12-4-715.   Enforcement of unappealed orders.
   12-4-716.   Nontransferability of licenses.
   12-4-717.   Burden of proof with respect to licensing.
   12-4-718.   Zoning requirements.
Subtitle 8. Standards for Care and Keeping of Animals
   12-4-801.   Animals outdoors.
   12-4-802.   Food, water, and veterinary care required.
   12-4-803.   Animal fancier kennels.
   12-4-804.   Commercial kennels.
   12-4-805.   Pet shops; grooming parlors.
   12-4-806.   Petting zoos.
   12-4-807.   Pet care businesses.
   12-4-808.   Veterinary hospitals.
   12-4-809.   Severe weather emergencies and alerts.
Subtitle 9. Miscellaneous Provisions
   12-4-901.   Cruelty.
   12-4-902.   Keeping of wild animals, exotic animals, and vicious animals prohibited.
   12-4-903.   Creating public nuisance or public nuisance condition prohibited.
   12-4-904.   Animal disturbance prohibited.
   12-4-905.   Animals running at large prohibited.
   12-4-906.   Animals prohibited on school grounds and in public recreation areas.
   12-4-907.   Stray dogs and cats to be surrendered to County.
   12-4-908.   Intact dog or cat.
   12-4-909.   Removal of animal excreta.
   12-4-910.   Disposal of animal carcasses and sick animals.
   12-4-911.   Reporting of sale or disposition of animals.
   12-4-912.   Adopted animals – spaying or neutering; fees; waiver of fees.
   12-4-913.   Reckless animal owner.
Subtitle 10. Civil Penalties
   12-4-1001.   Civil penalties.