Chapter 6.44 NUISANCES*
   6.44.010   Nuisances.
   6.44.020   Conditions or activities immediately deemed nuisances.
   6.44.030   Abatement by repair, rehabilitation, demolition or removal.
   6.44.040   Authority for adoption, application and purpose.
   6.44.050   Determination of nuisance.
   6.44.060   Service of notice of hearing, letter of determination, and other notices.
   6.44.070   Hearing.
   6.44.080   Extension of time.
   6.44.090   Abatement by City.
   6.44.100   Record of expenses and imposing special assessment against property.
   6.44.110   Hearing on statement of expenses.
   6.44.120   Filing special assessment against the property.
   6.44.130   Notice of special assessment.
   6.44.140   Appeals.
   6.44.150   Alternatives.
   6.44.160   Procedure in case of emergency.
   6.44.170   Penalty for maintaining nuisance.
   6.44.180   Definitions.
Cross-reference:   For procedures for closure or removal of abandoned wells, see Sections 10.20.08010.20.100